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  • Codex
  • The Codex Project. A documentation application written in PHP using Laravel 5.2
  • Laradic
  • A collection of PHP packages. Primarily intended for Larvel 5 .
  • RadicJS
  • Javascript NPM packages released under @radic for various uses.

Current Activities

Live coding sessions active at this moment

RadicJS Floobits Status
Codex Floobits Status
Laradic Floobits Status

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Tasks, issues, bugs for all projects

GitBitbucketVersion control systemUP
CI BuildsJenkinsContinues integration, build server and control systemUP
DocsCodexDeveloper documentation for individual packagesTODO
PackagesPackagistPHP Composer repository for PHP packagesTODO
CDN-Shared asset hostingTODO
LaradicCodexDeveloper documentation for Laradic PHP PackagesTODO